Review Policy



Thank You for your interest in My Urban Fantasies! 

If you are requesting a review, please read my entire policy first.



What genres do you accept?


●Urban Fantasy

Paranormal Romance (including erotica*)

Paranormal New Adult

Paranormal Young Adult


*Erotica: Steamy sex scenes, what more could you ask for? A plot. I love a good smutty book as much as the next person, but I want a PLOT. I want to laugh, to cry, to fall in love with some characters and hate others. I'm looking for a NOVEL that just happens to have hot steamy sex scenes that will make your toes curl.


Horror: As we all know there are a number of books that cross over into other genres.  Due to this fact I will also accept books that lean more towards Horror. But there must be a strong presence of one of the above ● listed genres.



What book formats do you accept?


●ARCs / Galleys

●Bound Books

●eBooks (I have a Nook HD+)

If you are an Indie author AND I have already reviewed one of your books feel free to submit a request.
Otherwise I am NOT accepting Self Published titles in any format at this time.

What does your review include?


●Cover Art

●Publication Details (publisher, format, etc)

●Book Description (usually author's website or Goodreads)



Where do you post your reviews?








●Google +

●Barnes & Noble


Do you have a special policy for a series?


I do not read a series out of order. It's just a personal quirk of mine. If the book you want to have reviewed is not the first book in the series please be aware that you may be asked to send the previous books as well.



How long is your turn around time for a review?


Upcoming releases are reviewed first. Already released books are reviewed second. Books that I purchased myself are reviewed last. I'm afraid I can not be much more specific than that. I try to review ARCs before the release date. If there is a certain time period in which you need the book (ARC or other) reviewed by, let me know. I'm certain we can try an work something out.


Do you review every book that you receive? Does sending you a book guarantee a positive review?


NO, to both. If I can not finish the book I will not post a review for it. It's unfair to the author for me to review a book I could not read cover to cover. 


While I will state in the review if I received a book for free in exchange for a review, it does NOT guarantee a positive review. My reviews are 100% honest. I do not receive money or any other type of bribery for my reviews.  If the review is negative, and some will be, I try very hard not to offend the author. I realize the author poured their heart and soul into their writing and I respect that. I just ask that my opinion is respected in return. I will write about parts of the book that I like, but I will also point out aspects that I did not.


Thank you for reading my review policy! If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Me. If you would like to request a review please click the button below. Include as much information as possible.
Your Name - Who You Are - Genre - Book Title - Author - Etc.


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