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Review: Fever Moon by Karen Marie Moning

Title: Fever Moon
Author: Karen Marie Moning
Series: Fever,   Shadowfever Side Story

 •Source: Purchased
 •Publisher: Del Rey
 •Publication Date: July 10, 2012

 ˚Adapter: David Lawrence
 ˚Pencils: Al Rio & Cliff Richards
 ˚Inks: Al Rio, Julia Pinto, Joe Pimentel & Dan Borgones
 ˚Colors: Katrina Mar Hao & Rainier Beredo
 ˚Letterer: Zachary R. Matheny
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An all-new Mac & Barrons story by #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Marie Moning, marvelously adapted into a full-color graphic novel by writer David Lawrence and illustrator Al Rio.

In Fever Moon, we meet the most ancient and deadly Unseelie ever created, the Fear Dorcha. For eons, he’s traveled worlds with the Unseelie king, leaving behind him a path of mutilation and destruction. Now he’s hunting Dublin, and no one Mac loves is safe.

Dublin is a war zone. The walls between humans and Fae are down. A third of the world’s population is dead and chaos reigns. Imprisoned over half a million years ago, the Unseelie are free and each one Mac meets is worse than the last. Human weapons don’t stand a chance against them.

With a blood moon hanging low over the city, something dark and sinister begins to hunt the streets of Temple Bar, choosing its victims by targeting those closest to Mac. Armed only with the Spear of Destiny and Jericho Barrons, she must face her most terrifying enemy yet.

4 Moons
Alpha Bad Ass Heroine Fae

For those of you who are unaware, Fever Moon is a side story that takes place about halfway through Shadowfever. If you are considering reading Fever Moon to see if you like characters and the world they live in, or if you have not finished the Fever series, I would seriously consider waiting. While Fever Moon works as a stand-alone graphic novel, there are numerous spoilers. Personally I'm very happy I did not read it until after I was finished with Shadowfever.

Fever Moon is an amazing graphic novel, with a solid story and out-of-this-world art. Al Rio, may he rest in peace, passed away before finishing this novel. The last of Al Rio's art can be found in Fever Moon. Cliff Richards was brought in to finish. As to be expected there is a slight variation between the art. I am a novice when it comes to Rio and Richards' work. That being said, I had to really pay attention to notice the difference. Richard did a beautiful job blending his style to match Rios.

The Story
If you are new to graphic novels please remember this: The majority of the story is told through the art, not the word bubbles. That is why there will be an entire page with nothing written on it, just art. The bubbles are there to give the art context.

I was excited that the Fear Dorcha is the villain. What's not disturbing about a creepy guy with a swirling void for a face? The fact that he's stealing parts of other people's faces just makes him creepier.

The Art
As I said before the art is amazing. Most of the characters were how I imagined them. The only character I have a problem with is Jericho. His body is amazing, especially the abs, but there's just something off with his face. I loved seeing Mac wearing the Machalo. Completely adorkable! My absolute favorite was seeing Moning's vision of the Rhino-boys. They are so much... more than what I had imagined. I will definitely be envisioning hers the next time I read the series.

The Extras
There are a few extras included in Fever Moon. Some character spoilers and notes about the novels. There are also some original sketches with character notes. While I would not buy Fever Moon simply for the bonus materials, they are a fantastic addition.

Favorite Quotes

MacKayla Lane, aka Mac: Heroine. Mostly. Sort of. Reluctant avenging angel. Passionate, vibrant, average intelligence quotient but one hell of an awareness quotient. 
Jericho Z. Barrons: Hero. Mostly. Sort of. He really doesn't give a fuck unless the situation involves something he wants. Man on a mission of his own choosing, never an avenging angel.

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