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Review: Dysus Dreamer by J.A. Garland

Title: Dysus Dreamer

Author: J.A. Garland

Series: The Halfling Chronicles, #2

 •Source: Author
 •Publisher: Burst
 •Publication Date: July 1, 2013

Opening Line: A solid assassination takes one part opportunity, two parts discipline, and three parts disposition.

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"A powerful half-demon is kidnapped, bloodthirsty werewolves are on the rise, and a planet is dying. A demon warrior and a Dark elf joining forces are the least of their worries."

Demon warrior, Slade Aesus, is determined to destroy the werewolves controlling his cousin. But a beautiful elf, consumed by her own vengeance, finds the wolves first. Botching her assassination attempt, Annwyn has the most powerful Packs in the world biting at her heels. Both fiercely independent, can the two join forces long enough to fulfill their missions and stay alive?

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In Instinct Slade's cousin, Amber, was kidnapped by a group of werewolves, known as the Dirty Dozen. Amber is half-human and half-demon. Amber's powers make her a unique commodity, in the shifter community. Amber has the ability to stop shifters from shifting. Since the Dirty Dozen is made up of twelve of the most ruthless werewolf packs, Amber's gift is irresistible.

It's one year later and time has not cooled Slade's thoughts of revenge. Slade is still pissed off that that the Dirty Dozen tried to kill him while he was protecting Amber. As if that was not reason enough, the Dirty Dozen are still after Amber.

During the assassination of Larsen, an Alpha of one of the Dirty Dozen packs, things do not go exactly as planned. Oh, Slade managed to kill his target, but only after the beautiful receptionist who escorted Slade up to Larsen's office had a go at it first. Turns out the receptionist is a Dark Elf who took a job in Larsen's building so she could get close enough to kill him. This alone is enough to intrigue Slade, the fact that she has funky colored magic only makes her more interesting.

Slade is my favorite character in Instinct and Dysus Dreamer. The fact that Dysus Dreamer is told mostly through Slade's point of view is just a whole bunch of awesome-sauce. Who would not want a chance to poke around inside Slade's head? Happily, Slade is not entirely the brutish ass he wants everyone to believe he is.

While there are some repeat characters from Instinct, Dysus Dreamer is going to be a little different. Instinct is an urban fantasy that has some romance in it. Meaning while Rory and Amber explored their feelings for each other, it was not the main focus of the story. Dysus Dreamer has no romance in it. So to all the paranormal romance readers who enjoyed reading Instinct, you may be a little disappointed with Dysus Dreamer.

Dysus Dreamer also had a somewhat cliffhanger ending that left me with a few questions. Hopefully they will be answered in the next installment. Dysus Dreamer is action packed and I'm looking forward to the third book in The Halfling Chronicles.

Favorite Quotes

Starting with Larsen, the wolves would learn a lesson...a demon's memory rivals the most scorned woman, and paybacks were indeed a bitch. 
"Playing both good and bad cop is going to get confusing, don't you think? I predict a little schizophrenic identity crisis coming soon."
The sword between his mighty warrior legs is less impressive than the one sheathed between his shoulder blades.

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